Hi Y'all,

I am Anita Charity and I am changing the world by bringing awareness to obscure charities that are not as well known as say, Lance Armstrong or Planned Parenthood.

There are suffering people and animals everywhere. Victims through no fault of their own (mainly). It is up to us to eradicate those who suffer silently (no more!).

A bit about me: In college I majored in gender studies and molecular poetry of the insect world (butterflies are particularly genius - shout out to Professor Liebenstien!).

When I'm not discovering unique charities, I create molten peace sticks (candles) for women's rights to be reproductive whilst maintaining a pleasant odor naturally (douche companies are engaged in consumer WARFARE!!!)

I enjoy watching British TV and speaking in different dialects.

I disdain animal flesh and engage in the monochromatic diet that Paltrow and the monks of Tiitforetaat enjoy.

My goal is to be as rich in life as Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi combined, with a wee bit fancier style (long live Duchess Kate!)


Anita Charity

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